The MK19 Grenade Launcher

 A Classic American Weapon


Replicas & Models Inc. PO Box 1138 Wheaton, IL 60187

The MK19 Grenade Launcher Replica

and MK64 Gun Mount/Cradle System

Action shot of the MK19 Grenade Launcher on HMMWV in MK64 mount.

Stock photo of MK64 on M3 tripod for ground use.

(Bring on the teaming hordes of Zulu warriors or Walking dead Now!)

Current use of MK19 on US Marines Riverine Craft making waves in Iraq.

(Come on out and play!)

Our MK19 replica and MK64 mount are accurately machined and built to fit original GI surplus hardware, mounts, and vehicles.

MK19 Grenade Launcher . . $4500.00 + $185.00 Crating, Ship&Ins

MK64 Mount/Cradle for MK19..
PLEASE Call or E-MAIL for Pricing and Availability of the MK64 mount

Full size MK19 Replica w/ Oxygen & Propane sim-fire

MK19 Sim-Fire Launcher. . $5900.00 + $195.00 Crating, UPS Ground Ship. & ins.

These steel and aluminum replicas are accurately machined on modern CNC mills and lathes and hand built in a dedicated shop to provide the most authentic weapon replicas anywhere.

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Want to see this bad boy Rock?

Want to see Oxygen-Propane Sim-Fire in action?

Click here for youtube video to see & hear the simfire in action!

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